Micro Grid

With the increase in global energy demands today, traditional large-scale electricity infrastructure in the developed nations urgently need to utilize advanced information and communication technologies to facilitate and integrate generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption. To enhance energy usage efficiency, for the developing countries in urgent need of self-sufficient power generation, even disaster-relief or remote areas, smaller-scale micro grid with decentralized electricity structures is the most cost effective solution.



Based on the plentiful experience in designing and manufacture of heavy electrical equipment, Tatung provides the total solutions of micro grid from planning, designing, construction, maintenance and operation services. We integrated the renewable energy, energy storage, distribution network, energy management systems, and advanced information and communication technologies.


Service Structure:

Micro grid primarily consists of small distributed generation, distribution equipment, energy management system, load management, energy storage management and back up power. This system can monitor generation, load and energy storage all the time in order to keep the balance between the generation and load, and maintain the voltage and frequency in the normal range. Load forecasting and generation forecasting are applied to adjust the energy storage management and optimize efficiency of the grid.

Main Achievements

Tatung’s Smart Micro grid effectively improves power efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, increase proportion of renewable energy. Achieving a triple-win for the power company, consumers, and environment.
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