System Energy Saving-Smart Energy Management System


Smart Energy Saving System

Our system consists of three major facets—security, intelligence and energy saving.

Take power consumption at the factories for example: In order to improve power factor and harmonics, to promote power quality, and to minimize the power losses and power expenses, the management system is integrated onto the transformer facilities to conduct diagnostic operations.

When conducting diagnostic operations, the system provides automatic real-time alert for immediate maintenance so as to lower maintenance costs, increase utilization frequency of the facilities, and provide stable power supply.

In addition, to ensure the smooth operation of automated production lines, on top of high efficiency motor and smart air conditioning system, the optimized inverter technology is integrated with environment/load control system to reduce power consumption and to offer satisfactory air conditioning requirement.


Smart Energy Saving :

In industrial settings, Tatung's management systems are integrated directly with transformer facilities for ease of operations and diagnostic capabilities. This allows clients to greatly improve power factors, harmonics, and quality, all while reducing power losses and minimizing expenses.

Additionally, optimized inverter technology is integrated with load control and environmental control systems in order to reduce power consumption, stabilize air temperature and quality, and to ensure that production is not affected.

Main Achievements

Smart Energy Saving
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