AMI Solution

AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) primarily consists of three parts: smart meter, communication network and meter data management system. Smart meter is the electronic meter equipped with the communication module, whose functions include the measurement of electricity consumption, recording the date and time at the contingency, and monitoring the abnormal voltage, current and power quality. It has the significant improvements of the reliability and quality in power grid, and creates the more value-added applications, like TOU (time-of-use), DR (demand response) and HEMS (home energy management system) in the future.



In Taiwan, Tatung provides the total solutions of AMI system for Taipower from the establishment of high-voltage AMI system control center to the deployment of high-voltage smart meters in the large C&I customers. We also offer the services for a wide range of customers from commercial, industrial, to residential areas and help utilities more cost-effectively manage their electricity.

Tatung can provide the total solutions of AMI system including smart meters, meter data management system and etc.

Service Structure

The high-voltage customers (HV sector) represent the large C&I (commercial and industrial) customers, dominating about 50%~60% of power consumption in Taiwan. The meter data of high-voltage smart meters are transmitted by meter interface unit (MIU) through wireless communication to meter data management system.

The numbers of low-voltage customers (LV sector) are relatively huge, and their smart meters are grouped to the individual concentrator or called DCU (data concentrator unit), which has the hybrid communications of wired and wireless (PLC/RF) technologies to collect the meter data in LAN and transmits the information to system through the optical fiber network or 3G wireless communication in WAN.

In addition to replace manual meter reading, AMI provides two-way communications between smart meters and system. Through the system, the reading schedule and the contents can be set, as well as the status of all meters and concentrator are monitoring. It not only helps the customers to reduce the electricity consumption and carbon emissions, but make the electricity information more accurate and reliable for utilities to do the follow-up planning applications.

Main Achievements

Main Achievements

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