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Due to our extensive expertise in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering and in project systems integration, Tatung won the bid for the CL411 Huatung railway electrification power systems construction project, the awarded tender value of which was NT$ 2.4 billion. The opening ceremony for the transportation system was held on June 28, 2014. It was an important milestone which exemplified our transportation construction and engineering abilities. Furthermore, for the Kaohsiung LRT (Phase I) project, Tatung offered stable, high quality and accurate services to manage the power supply system, communications, transit signal priority and automated fare collection system. We also built six substations, maintenance depots, digital radio/tetra, communication fiber optics system, road signaling system, and fourteen stations’ automated fare collection systems. All of these systems completely fulfilled the functional transportation requirements and met with the expectations of the Kaohsiung government.
The Metropolitan Kaohsiung MRT system is operationally functional. The construction of the South-North and East-West cross-loop network is expected to increase the overall performance of the public transportation network, and quality of the shuttle transportation system, all of which combines to enhance the quality of life and mobility for the citizens of Kaohsiung.


CL411 Huatung railway electrification power systems construction project

1.Four Substations (Guangfu – Yuli – Guanshan – Taitung)
Completed civil works and electrical and mechanical systems for four substations and testing.
2.Overhead contact system from Hualien to Taitung, for a total of one hundred and fifty-five kilometers.
3.Completed the construction of the Power Supervision, Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) from Xincheng to Zhiben, including main site, other sites, operation room, and communication devices. Tatung also constructed the one by one remote control system, offering both soft and hard devices and integration testing.

Kaohsiung LRT (Phase I) Project

1.System includes the ability to receive the latest information for the power supply situation in the operational control center without needing to access site directly.
2.Provided an Integrated Tetra radio and IP telephone switchboard, accessible link without barriers.
3.Delivered an innovative Fare Collection System: Auto fare collection (AFC) on the platform, onboard, or through ticket checking machines (TCM)
4.Integrated light rail traffic signal network with city traffic light network to ensure smooth traffic flow.


CL411 Huatung railway electrification power systems construction project:

The Huatung Railway Electrification project is part of the “Love Taiwan Twelve Construction” projects. Due to the cooperative efforts of all involved, including the various teams of the Department of Public Construction within Tatung, the transportation system opened for operation on June 28, 2014. The project successfully achieves our vision for the east railway system: rapid and electrified. The primary benefits for the project are to not only shorten the travel time between Hualien and Taitung to only 3.5 hours but also to increase the overall efficiency of the rail system. Furthermore, it serves to enhance the development of the Department of Tourism in both Hualien and Taitung, accelerate the economies of the east coast, and fulfill the goals of energy-saving and long-term sustainability.

Kaohsiung LRT (Phase I) Project:

The scope of work for the Kaohsiung LRT (Phase I) project included the power supply, communications system, transit signal priority system, and automatic fare collection system. Tatung provided professional services, including the feasibility study, engineering planning and design, project management, equipment supply and installation, supervision of construction and maintenance. Due to our successful project experiences, we have developed our transportation construction expertise and have a team of excellent engineers who work in a coordinated and efficient manner. Our clients include government institutions, private corporations, and both foreign and domestic manufacturers. We complete each project on schedule and receive highly positive feedback from our employers.

Main Achievements

    • Kaohsiung LRT (Phase I) Project

    • CL411 Huatung railway electrification power systems construction project

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