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Indoor High Voltage Gas-Insulted Switchgears (GIS)

TATUNG SF6 Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) contains major substation equipment, such as gas circuit breaker, disconnecting switch, earthing switch, 24kV 4-Way Automatic Line Switch(Ring Main Unit) for Underground, voltage transformer, current transformer, and lightning arrester in the grounded metallic enclosure and is filled with SF6 gas, which has the best insulation and arc-quenching capabilities. Accordingly, GIS is the most developed switchgear with many excellent features including compactness, safety, high reliability, easy operation, long maintenance intervals and compatibility with its surroundings.

Outdoor Gas Circuit Breaker (GCB)

The SF6 circuit breaker is one of the most important unit in electrical power systems. The protection, stability, and continuity of service of the entire system depend largely on the efficiency of its operation. Designed for use on 72.5kV systems, circuit breakers protect electric utility systems by interrupting fault currents and switching line, load, and exciting currents. Tatung outdoor circuit breakers are precision built devices designed to function efficiently under normal operating conditions.
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